The Key of a successful business is about effective , timely interaction .

In the meantime send technical information and new products to you monthly, we also sponsor the activity to better encourage our communication:

Every first five days of a new month, you could provide your country, company information and market news to us ( within the date, better with concise yet informative words, once we confirm the reception and prove your information are useful and real. We will give you an inner code (exp.57800) and by using this in due course, you would get one of the following supports by us.

1.       The Priority to be an Local Agent of us in your area.

2.       At least 20% discount on sample order.

3.       0.8-1.2% extra discount on Repeat Container order.

4.       Possible catalogue and leaflet printing support.

Some other new favored policy please keep frequent attention on our pages.


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