Genregal Timeline

April.1996,Genregal security door factory was built and put into operation.

Sep. 2003, Genregal developed the first interior steel covered-wood door in the Yongkang door industry.

Mar. 2004,Genregal gave the first introduction of the wood texture transfer process to steel sheet surface.

Jun 2005, Genregal was the first one using the of slight-charcoal wood as door’s skeleton, completely solved the deformation issues.

Jul 2005, Genregal steel plate door passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification before other enterprises in this industry.

Aug 2005, Genregal was the first to get the CE certification in steel covered wood door industry.

Mar 2006, Zhejiang Genregal Doors Co., Ltd. was formally incorporated.

Apr 2006, Genregal was the first to adpot the phosphide formula, 9 rust removing and degreasing processes, never rust either from inside or outside.

Oct 2006, Genregal firstly introduced the German BASF varnish finish, completely changed the door surface finish hardness performance up to index 2H.

Mar 2007,Genregal brought in advanced wood door craft machines and start resarching and developing the mix of above 60 different paintings in order to stabilize the key process of wood door effect. 

Nov 2007, The first adoption of floor surface treatment process—Aluminum oxidation to the door frame to achieve a super scratch and burning resistance.

In 2008, Genregal doors was covered by the 105 network media at the same time as the most worth promoting brand.

Dec 2008, The doors seamless Edging technology was launched by Genregal Doors, totally changed the steel-wood doors’ market image of rigid and low-end.

May 2009,By using the physical pressurization technology, Genregal firstly developed Downblock of the door,a shield to 360 ° reduce the noise,obstruct light, stop tiny creates even like ants.

In 2009, Genregal Doors was the first enterprise export steel-wood doors to EU and Middle East.

In 2009, Genregal Doors was chose to be Main Unit Menber to draft Chinese steel-wood doors’ industry standards.

Oct 2009, Up to 3 automated line equipments were successfully operated.

Dec 2009, The use of chemical toner technology, together with spectroscopy applications to the steel-wood doors’ surface, we named it “the new solid effect”.

Jan 2010, Genregal Doors updated its patent list – UPVC reinforced steel frame launched. By using the outstanding material as the frame, we changed the situation that traditional multilayer wood frame susceptible to humidity and climate, none of any bending deformation ever happened in the new material, the Door, "water kind " is the dream become a reality to interior doors.

Mar 2010, Genregal launched the collection of handmade etched wood grain door and boiled the market, completely changed the steel-wood doors of the modest image positioning, steel plate doors was proved can also reach the high-end market.

Mar 2010, The industry's first co-marketing management with dealers, realize that local sales team accelerate the marketing quickly and get fund flowing actively.

May 2010, Genregal Doors exclusively launch the "soft texture" of antique titanium crystal door, fundamentally lead steel-wooden doors to a new level close to real wood surface.

Jun 2010, Genregal user-end marketing management, really start to cooperate with the dealer’s market in details to build rapid profitable marketing consultant team.

Nov 2010, Genregal Doors was the first enterprise get the honorable "Famous Building Materials Brand for Urbanization "from The Great Hall of the People of the Government.

Feb 2011, For six years Genregal Doors has been recognizing by the industry as the "Primary Recommendation Brand" .

Apr 2011, Genregal Doors was rated as the “Top 10 Brand” for its quality and integrity system by Interior Doors Special Committee Of National Timber Circulation Association.

Jun 2011, Genregal Doors developed The Most Innovative coating technology "Tactile Texture" with patent for steel-wood doors, It was proved to be the most attractive treatment recent years and suddenly lead the great industry sensation.

Oct 2011, To further expand its product line Genregal Doors launched door series “Stereoscopic Solid”, with deep drawing technology and certain moulding investment, we are opening up a new generation in the field of interior doors.

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