Genregal doors committed to ensure your well-being, bring you the enjoyable life. Genregal firmly believe that superior quality is from the precise insight into your needs and echo to your pursuit of excellent workmanship, as well as continually to make breakthroughs in technological innovation. Genregal offers dedicated service by using its unique technology and excellent quality to stand out in the era of product homogeneity, with the hope to win your appreciation and identification. Here we gathered our advantages, make a quick navigation for your better understanding about Genregal doors.

Innovative Technologies:

The newly developed seamless sealing technology to effectively solve the technical problems exist long in the industry, bring more confidence to consumers and let them believe choose Genregal products is equal to choose excellence.

Elegant Appearance:

To enable consumers to buy desirable products, Genregal doors tend to using a light 75 treatment on surface for making sure no defects were covered by matt approach commonly used in industry, to ensure that each sheet of door panel is of perfect, rich and shiny elegant in appearance.

The Finest Materials: 

Wood: Genregal uses selected materials, strictly control every aspect of production process from sourcing to finish. Our senior purchaser carefully select cedar and pine and some precious wood to make sure there is no sign of decay and properly dried. Besides we would prefer to add more natural material into wooden frame than other manufacturers in the same industry.       

Plate: Genregal door panels use Pohang of Korea ,Baoshan Steel of Shanghai,United Steel of Hunan as the entire plate, one for the high purity, two for effectively avoid the flaws occurred in inferior reel steels supplied by low-end. In 2009 Genregal even make the plate thicker to 0.6mm base on holding our superior supplier unchanged, compared with 0.4 - 0.5 mm or even thinner in the industry , we stick to maintain our Brand image and steel-wood door’s market position in the future.    

Door frame: Genregal door frame has a waterproof, non decay PVC reinforced steel material, offer more choice for different climate and environment, extremely suitable for residents.

More Emphasis on Texture and Touch:       

When you see Genregal doors either in showroom or retail store, you can touch the terrific tactile texture and feel the weight and heavy duty of Genregal products, then you may probably convinced and get reason to choose us. - Everything’s so genuine, so real!

Win In Details: Selected materials, exquisite workmanship, proper packaging, and we win in all visible and invisible details.

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