1.How to place an order ?

A: First you should confirm the series, size, pattern, and pay close attention to specific material grade, that affect cost very much and determine the final craftsmanship, please do not only judge by picture and price when you buy some doors. Second after you confirming the price and possible drawing, please send us your information include company name, address, phone number, fax, we will then send you PI or SC with terms & conditions agreed. The last step is payment and we shall start production as soon as we receive it.

2.Terms of payment?

A: We normally go with TT(30% deposit in advance, the balance against copy of B/L or confirmation of inspection),since it’s fair and common. Under some circumstances irrevocable L/C at sight is available, however we prefer the former.

3.Do you offer small sample of board for us to confirm color?

A: We surely will prepare some common color samples there for quick delivery, however, if you need specific pattern with minor color, it takes time to arrange. 

4.Is that possible to use the hardware (Hinge, locksets, catch) purchased by ourselves? 

A: Yes, customers are welcome to use the specific hardware out of our supplying range, but make sure you would send the drawing and dimension details of the hardware to us, we will make our door fit to them precisely.

5.If we have an urgent order, how to make sure the products are completed on time?

A: However urgent the order might be, it always need the clear products requirement for our estimation for the material delivery phase. since our capacity is ready for any sort of bulk order, the other factor like effective payment is also crucial for speeding up the production.

6.How to know your OEM ability in detail?

A: As our main bases are located in the industrial zone with many ancillary processing equipment available nearby, our own machines are also of versatile to handle most of the molding and precise coating, sealing, therefore the only limit is imagination.

7.I have a big project, it requires different products include doors, wall partition, tables, is that possible to collect these stuff for us?

A: We are interest in building a supply system to cover some reliable outsourcing products and offer favorable price meanwhile to bring convenience to project customers, however, it is in planning stage, should be built and develop in the following years.

8.We would like to be Genregal Doors Agent in our country, what shall we do for that?

A: It would be highly appreciate that customer hold the enthusiasm and confidence to work on behalf of our brand, however it is not in-a-word matter. before our permission we shall know each other by cooperating for a certain period, make sure there is no gap between us and can work as a team. we are far willing to work with capable, ambitious and seasoned partners over the world, for sure we would be your most reliable base.

9.Is there any Minimum Order Quantity requirement?

A: Normally we start with the quantity on or above 50 pcs, however it is not a fixed requirement, depends on the door series and material inventory situation.  

10.How to protect our products from damage especially in the transportation?

A: We suggest using reinforced pallets on the sea, each pallet has 8-20 pcs doors as a set especially when your products are valuable and vulnerable. Plus, considerable damage may occur during the delivery of doors particularly to country areas when distribute them, you’d better repack them in proper means according to the door properties and road conditions.

11.How to do proper maintenance to keep the doors in good appearance?

A: Surface-As to solid wood surface please wipe the dust with soft cloth per month to keep the gloss and extend the durability, the obvious stain should be removed by special timber cleaning agent. the vacuum cleaner is an alternative for cleaning the dust. The seldom rub to the edge would be kind way to maintain the look. Always keep any chemicals away from your wood door.

Environment-Please keep the room well-ventilated in spring and winter to create a environment of normal temperature and humidity. these measure would prevent wood door from wrapping due to the severe temperature difference. plus, please keep your wood doors away from the electric heater or other heating equipment in winter for the same reason.

Hardware –Fasten the related screws regularly when you find they are loose. Lubricate the hinges if funny noise occurred. Proper lead from pencil to the keyhole may solve any uncomfortable feeling when rotate the key. DO NOT lubricate the keyhole by liquid.

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